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MicroTorque ETD M 200 ABL 400B: Low torque handheld DigiTork electric screwdriver with push-to-start configurability

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Whether you are manufacturing high value consumer goods or sensitive electronics, MicroTorque electric screwdrivers are designed to bring precision, productivity and quality in to your production. Ultra low-torque applications, starting at 0.5 Ncm, don´t need to be demanding. Electric screwdrivers in the MicroTorque range from Atlas Copco are designed to perform consistently and precisely, time after time. The Micro Torque system is flexible, with possibility to program different tightening torque levels and strategies, with torque angle and speed control, to meet even the most challenging applications. The Micro Torque electric screwdriver provides clear operator feedback, common assembly problems like missing screws, floating screws, cross threads and stripped screws are detected and eliminated. Data can be recorded and used for statistical analysis, for full control over the assembly process. All Micro Torque screwdrivers are designed for being used in applications with electronic components, with ESD (electrostatic discharge) certification. ESD certification means a guarantee against damage of electronic components by an uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) from the tools. In practice it certifies that at no point will the material of the equipment hold an electrostatic potential above 100 V for more than 2 seconds.

Features & benefits

  • System with DigiTork screwdriver and MT Focus 400 B—basic version with 1 Pset.
  • Good ergonomics mean maximum operator comfort: comfortable grip, low tool weight and low noise level.
  • Possible to program via controller interface, with autoset to set torque and batch size,
    or via PC software interface ToolsTalk MT.
  • Tightening strategy with torque, angle and speed control for detecting assembly problems. One Pset can be programmed.
  • The most compact controller available on the market with configurable display providing clear operator feedback.
  • Supports PC/ToolsTalk MT, communication via USB or RS232. Can be integrated in line with fixed 4 inputs /4 output digital signals.
  • The tool ordering number includes a complete system: Controller, screwdriver, tool cable, controller stand, ToolsTalk MT, USB communication cable and power supply.

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Torque range4.42 - 17.7 in lb
Model typeStraight
Speed range750 r/min
Length240 mm
Overall width43 mm
Weight1.43 lb
Bit drive1/4" Hex
Shut-off systemCurrent control
Motor voltage24 Volt
Sound standardISO15744
Sound pressure<70 dB(A)
Vibration standardISO28927-2
Vibration value<2.5 m/s²
Motor voltage type
Motor power20 W

Included accessories with this product

  • Wall bracket

    Wall bracket

    8432 0833 83

  • ToolsTalk MT

    ToolsTalk MT

    400A, 400B, 400D

    8432 0831 30

  • Suspension yoke

    Suspension yoke

    4216 1030 00

Additional products for a complete tool system

Suitable software
MicroTorque software modelOrdering no.
Tools Talk MTF/Analysis/Net8432083130

Product views

See the product in action


  • Tool cable - 2.0 m

    Tool cable

    2.0 m

    8432 0830 37

  • Tool cable - 3.5 m

    Tool cable

    3.5 m

    8432 0831 02

  • Power supply - PS 36V 150W

    Power supply

    PS 36V 150W

    8432 0830 94

  • I/O adapter

    I/O adapter

    4216 2179 80

  • Vacuum adapter

    Vacuum adapter

    8432 0770 27

  • Vacuum adapter

    Vacuum adapter

    8432 0770 30

  • Vacuum adapter

    Vacuum adapter

    8432 0770 55

  • Connector assembly

    15 pin D-sub

    4216 2130 80

  • Cable - RS323



    4216 2174 80

  • Cable


    8432 0830 39

  • Cable


    4222 1238 02

Safety Information

To operate tools safely, always read and follow all Safety Information and Product Instructions. All locally legislated safety rules regarding installation, operation and maintenance must be respected at all times.

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