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POLUR, high resistant polyurethane hose

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Polur hose is the most environmentallyfriendly solution. It has high resistance to abrasion and is oil resistant. Polur hose has a much longer lifetime than PVC hoses. Polur is ideal in tough working conditions such as workshops, factories, garages, shipyards and construction sites due to its flexibility, even at minus degrees. Polur is recommended for indoor and outdoor use.

Features & benefits

  • Oil resistant.
  • Flexible.
  • Long service life.
  • Working temperature –30ºC to +60ºC.
  • With a safety factor of 3 at 20°C (at the max. temp of +60°C
    the working pressure should be reduced by 50%).
  • The pressure drop will be 0.2 bar on a hose length of 5 m,
    including 2 nipples and at an inlet pressure of 7 bar.

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  • 8202 0601 08

    POLUR 08

    Technical Specifications
    Hose inside dia9/32 inch
    Hose outside dia1/2 inch
    Max working pressure261,06 psi
    Max rec. air flow8,47 cfm
    Coil length30 m
    Weight per 30 m coil (101 ft) 2,64 lb
  • 8202 0602 10

    POLUR 10

    Technical Specifications
    Hose inside dia11/32 inch
    Hose outside dia17/32 inch
    Max working pressure232,06 psi
    Max rec. air flow27,54 cfm
    Coil length25 m
    Coil weight5,51 lb
  • 8202 0603 13

    POLUR 13

    Technical Specifications
    Hose inside dia1/2 inch
    Hose outside dia11/16 inch
    Max working pressure232,06 psi
    Max rec. air flow27,54 cfm
    Coil length25 m
    Coil weight5,51 lb

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Atlas Copco Service

The Leader in tool maintenance for industry Atlas Copco service is a proven cost-saver in your production. The savings you can expect from running a service program depend on the type of production you have in your plant. Many factors are taken into consideration, including: Line assembly, work at fixed stations, frequency of tool use, tool types, applications, and work environment.

Repair Service

With today’s high demands on minimizing downtime for our customers, we focus on specialized workshops that can handle quick repairs and complete overhauls in the most cost-efficient way. To do that we keep a large inventory of spare parts in stock, and we have upgraded with factory fixtures and test equipment to increase our efficiency. With all this, plus certified mechanics dedicated to specific tool models, we’ve minimized lead times and improved the quality of each repair. After service all tools are rigorously tested to Atlas Copco specifications.
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Atlas Copco ToolScan

Tool service
Atlas Copco ToolScan™ report informs you of the status of your air tools and air supply at each workstation. The service is carried out by a highly experienced certified technician and covers the following areas:
  • AirScan of the air supply at each workstation.
  • Status and performance check of the tools
  • Other services can be added.
A report informing you of the status of your air supply and tools, including recommendations for improvements. You can then, together with your team, decide the next step without a binding agreement.
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Energy Efficiency Audit

A huge amount of energy is wasted due to leaks in compressed air systems. Capacity losses of up to 20% are common in many installations. During an Energy Efficiency Audit Atlas Copco checks the static and dynamic pressure for your air tools on the line. The pressure drop is measured and documented and a visual inspection of the air installation is performed. Based on the information acquired, using the Energy Efficiency Calculator, Atlas Copco recommends the correct installation in terms of air line accessories and various other aspects.

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To operate tools safely, always read and follow all Safety Information and Product Instructions. All locally legislated safety rules regarding installation, operation and maintenance must be respected at all times.

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