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Media / Product and service news / Atlas Copco Dynapac features new CP2700 pneumatic roller at World of Asphalt

Atlas Copco Dynapac features new CP2700 pneumatic roller at World of Asphalt


BALTIMORE –Atlas CopcoRoad Construction Equipment is featuring its newCP2700pneumatic tired roller that tackles soil compaction, in addition to asphalt finishing and sealing applications. Like many other Atlas Copco Dynapac rollers and pavers, the CP2700 maximizes productivity through operator comfort and excellent visibility.

Dynapac CP2700 penumatic tyre roller

Atlas Copco’s CP2700 pneumatic tired roller tackles soil compaction, in addition to asphalt finishing and sealing applications. It is being showcased during a dealer event March 4 in Phoenix.

Atlas Copco will show the CP2700 pneumatic tired roller March 17 at booth 2514 during World of Asphalt in Baltimore.
The CP2700 is equipped with a spacious platform, ergonomic controls and a rotating, sideway-sliding seat and steering assembly. The ergonomic controls allow the operator to focus on compacting rather than looking down to check controls, while the sliding seat ensures clear sight lines of the roller and compacting surface. Contractor also can equip the unit with a comfortable cab that provides outstanding all-round visibility and air conditioning or Automatic Climate Control.
The roller features an Interim Tier 4 compliant engine, which generates minimal emissions as well as low noise levels thanks to its thermostatically controlled cooling fans. Both engines have an ultra-smooth start/stop system, which contributes to a high-quality finished surface.

Its dual-circuit braking system, a Dynapac-exclusive feature, maintains full braking effect even if one circuit is disabled, which enhances safety when working on inclines and declines.
Like all Atlas Copco road construction equipment, the new CP2700 is built on a modular concept and shares many components and sub-systems with other models. This commonality virtually eliminates the operator’s learning-curve between similar machines and minimizes servicing downtimes.
Atlas Copco’s CP2700 has a compacting width of 7.55 feet and a maximum operating weight of 59,000 pounds. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of finishing and sealing asphalt work and soil compaction applications. An optional DCA-A compaction analyzer also prevents overcompaction, which can damage the roller, and ensures the operator makes enough passes.
With the optional temperature sensor and the unique DCA-A analyzer, the CP2700 can achieve optimum density and surface texture while providing full statistics and documentation. The system can also playback the rolling pattern and produce a printout of all relevant information, either on paper or as a PDF file for later analysis. This allows contractors to easily replicate the same parameters on similar projects or readily supply for Federal Highway Department inspections.
With an optional air-on-the-run system, users can even adjust tire pressure during the compaction process, which helps minimize downtime.

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