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Pulsor - Latest Addition to ErgoPulse Family


Pulsor is here. Atlas Copco has taken pulse tools to the next level by adding electronic monitoring and documentation. A complete tightening system, the new Pulsor has all the advantages of a pulse tool, with the intelligence of an electronic nutrunner. The tool knows if the tightening operation has been completed correctly – and it shares this knowledge with the operator.

Atlas Copco introduces Pulsor, the new generation

Due to their high power, low weight and low reaction force, Atlas Copco’s ErgoPulse pulse tools have long been a popular choice for assembly operations in manufacturing plants worldwide. Incorporating a unique torque measurement method patented by Atlas Copco, the new Pulsor has all the features and benefits of tools in the ErgoPulse range, plus electronic monitoring and documentation.
Getting it right first time 
Correctly tightened joints eliminate rejects and save costly, time-consuming reworking further down the line. With Pulsor, the operator no longer needs to check if a joint is correctly tightened. When the pre-set torque is reached, the air supply is automatically shut off and the operator receives immediate feedback from the lights on the tool. 
Since Pulsor monitors the torque value and confirms correct tightening, the operator can move on to the next bolt without checking the torque with a click wrench. Pulsor also counts the screws and signals “Batch OK”. Likewise, the tool will signal “NOK” if the wrong screw or part is used. Premature shut-off is also eliminated. If the operator releases the trigger too early, he or she is alerted by a warning lamp. 
Pulsor Focus – the brain of the system 
The intelligence of the Pulsor system lies in the Pulsor Focus monitoring unit which is programmed with the desired tightening parameters, using Tools Talk Pulsor. Pulsor Focus monitors and records up to 4,000 actions. These include torque, premature shut-off, angle, number of pulses, tightening time and rundown time. It also records component identification number, line pressure and other information. 
The results can be sent to a network and stored on a server. They can also be transferred to a PC and then analysed. This allows the user to fine tune the process and ensure that every tightening on every shift is perfect. Faults show up clearly and can be rectified. 
Fast, accurate, user friendly
Pulsor is a compact, lightweight tool. Perfectly balanced it can be held in one hand. Like ErgoPulse tools, Pulsor has a twin chamber motor that delivers high torque during the pulse sequence. Rundown is fast and torque reaction is low, eliminating the need for a reaction arm. The fully automatic AutoTrim function ensures the correct torque whether the joint is hard or soft. 
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