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Pulsor C - the pulse tool that can control torque


Pulse tools have long been known for their fast run-down speeds and good ergonomics. Pulsor C offers all the advantages of a traditional impulse tool, plus increased accuracy.

Pulsor C

Pulsor C impulse nutrunner with enhanced control and monitoring features

More control for higher quality
Pulsor C has the intelligence to adapt pressure automatically to the joint characteristics during set-up to ensure the target torque is delivered. This specialized impulse nutrunner system provides same high torque accuracy in both hard and soft joints with automatic shut-off when the target torque is reached. Monitoring features of the Pulsor C system account for angle, number of pulses, rundown and tightening times, rundown and pulsing pressures.

More control for higher productivity
The built-in intelligence also helps boost productivity. Pulsor C is extremely easy to set up with all adjustments made directly in the software. The system also offers multiple P-set: a single tool provides up to 100 different P-sets. 

More ergonomic for higher output
Because Pulsor C is reaction-free, it does not need a reaction arm and can be operated with just one hand at high torques with its well-balanced, compact, and light-weight design. With low noise and vibration levels, Pulsor C is a tool that offers good all-around ergonomics.

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