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New Cabins ROC


Latest ROC series cabins unveiled

ROC L8 Cabin
The design challenge behind the new cabins for the ROC series of surface drill rigs was to achieve increased operator space while simultaneously improving ergonomics. The resulting design achieves both these objectives, further increasing the effectiveness of the well-proven ROC series drill rigs.
Better view
An improved operator view has been achieved by relocating the instrument panel. Thanks to an angled front window, roof window and the design of the cabin’s frame, the operator can easily observe the whole drilling process – from surface collaring to the top of the feed.
The forward-angled front window of the cabin also reduces the amount of dust that can accumulate on the surface. A number of glazing options are available, including clear or tinted laminated panes, as well as an extra 24 mm pane that provides extra protection against stone throws.
Better ergonomics
Free space around the operator has been significantly increased, while a range of smart storage solutions have been built into the cabin’s interior. Easier access to the cabin has been achieved by moving the door to the front of the cabin.
The operator’s seat is fully adjustable and ergonomic placement of joystick controls for drill- and rod handling operations are designed to minimise fatigue and maximise comfort. By the operator’s right, a side mounted rail is included for the easy adjustment of monitors for rig control systems, reverse camera or DVD viewing and an easy to reach, touch control panel for supporting functions. 
Better working environment
The cabins feature an improved ventilation system that includes a re-located air intake, two stage filtering and more effective heating and air conditioning capable of maintaining a pleasant working environment, even in the harshest climatic conditions.
In addition to highly effective noise and vibration insulation, the new cabins offer increased protection, easily exceeding ROPS and FOPS requirements (19 tonnes for the D-series and 30 tonnes for the F- and L-series.)
Simpler maintenance
The new cabins have also been built with ease of maintenance in mind. Design details including an easy to change air filter at ground level, a service platform that allows access to the window for cleaning and changing wiper blades and also doubles as a toolbox and an all-in-one moulded floor mat for regular cleaning are just some of the innovations built into the cabins.