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Media / Product and service news / MicroTorque Screwdrivers for Ultra Low Torque Applications

MicroTorque Screwdrivers for Ultra Low Torque Applications


Through the recent acquisition of tightening specialist Microtec Systems, Atlas Copco has secured its position as a total solutions provider for micro torque fastening. The MicroTorque range offers a transducerized system for low torque applications from 0.5 to 500 Ncm. These intelligent screwdrivers have contributed to high performance fastening the the electronics industry and will no doubt sharpen your competitive edge too.

MicroTorque Range
The MicroTorque range of electric screwdrivers has been designed to perform consistently and precisely time after time. Whether you are manufacturing high-value consumer goods or delicate electronics, the specification of the MicroTorque range has been created to match your application needs, making micro torque more of a science and less of an art. 

The MicroTorque range includes several different models such as transducerized fixtured screwdrivers, DigiTork fixtured screwdrivers and DigiTork handheld screwdrivers. The MicroTorque controller is the smallest on the market, yet delivers total control over screwdriver performance. To ensure the highest quality of your fastening, the controller-cable-transducer package provides fast, accurate and reliable measurement of critical parameters.

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