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Selecting Blower Technology: Designing the Blower System


The most important factors when selecting a blower are reliability, efficiency, maintenance and capital cost. Table 1, below, is a guide to evaluating each technology based on the four key factors listed above.

Although some operators may value one factor over another, in general, the blower with the lowest overall score will have the lowest life cycle cost.

It is important to remember that there is no “coverall” technology for wastewater treatment blowers. Each blower has advantages and disadvantages and should be selected based on the organization’s preference in regard to these four factors. To learn more about the following technologies, read our previous articles on positive displacement blowers and centrifugal blowers.

Atlas Copco USA - Selecting Blower Table 1

Table 2, below, lists each secondary wastewater treatment application, its air requirements and the recommended blower technologies for that application.

Atlas Copco USA - Selecting Blower Table 2

Consult Blower Test Certificates before Purchase

Several regulatory bodies govern the compressed air industry, the most reliable of which are ISO, CAGI and ASME. It is prudent to purchase a blower from a manufacturer that is ISO 9001 certified for quality assurance. Also, be sure to request blower test certificates for the following categories:
  • Positive Displacement Blowers: ISO 1217
  • Centrifugal Blowers: ASME PTC 10
  • All Blower Technologies: ASME PTC 13 (pending release)
These test procedures will ensure that the blowers produce the correct amount of air while using the advertised amount of power.

Atlas Copco Blower Technologies
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