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Media / Local company news / Infographic: VSD Technology Saves 4.2 Billion kWh of Energy in USA

Infographic: VSD Technology Saves 4.2 Billion kWh of Energy in USA


Did you know that variable speed drive technology is ideal for nine out of every 10 applications that use compressed air? With compressed air systems accounting for as much as 30 percent of a plant’s total energy consumption, reducing compressed air energy consumption is paramount.

Atlas Copco USA - VSD Infographic
On average, variable speed drive compressors save 35 percent on electricity costs, but can save up to 50 percent depending on the application. If you are serious about reducing energy consumption at your plant, check out the infographic.

Variable Speed Drive Technology
The variable speed drive (VSD) compressor is one of the most energy efficient compressor designs in the compressed air industry, and has been since its introduction in 1994. Fitted with an intelligent drive system, a variable speed drive compressor continuously changes the motor speed to match air demand and eliminates the compressor running in an unloaded state. This simple concept yields significant energy savings.

In fact, VSD technology has saved 4.2 billion kWh of energy and an estimated $420 million in energy costs in the U.S. since its launch in 1994. That’s enough energy savings to power homes in the city of San Francisco for one year, and equivalent to the carbon emissions reduction of taking 504,234 cars off the road.

Utility Company Rebates Can Help Achieve Payback Time within 2 Years
Many utility companies offer rebates toward the purchase of new, more energy efficient compressed air equipment. Combined with the energy savings gained from upgrading to VSD technology, plants can see payback within one or two years. To learn more about VSD+ technology, visit the Atlas Copco GA 7-37 VSD+ product page or request a quote in the form below to get started.

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