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Latest in Quality Assurance with STwrench

Transducerized Nutrunner Provides Advanced Tightening Strategies, plus Network Integration

The new STwrench handles up to 100 Psets, 100 multistage sequences and 100 jobs for advanced tightening and residual torque check strategies for quality control and error-proofing. The STwrench is easily integrated with any Atlas Copco product to provide hassle-free communications to any digital communication network.

Modular ergonomic design

Lightweight and ergonomic, the modular design of the STwrench lets technicians create a tool that meets the exact needs of the task at hand. Simply mix and match these four main modules in a wide variety of configurations and pay only for the functionality required.


This intelligent front-end transducer for record keeping and full application traceability provides highly accurate readings within 0.5 to 1%. Patented interchangeable head recognition makes it easy to exchange reversible ratchet, open-end, flared-end or ring-end 9x12 or 14x18 drive heads in 3/8-inch and ½-inch sizes. For accurate angle measurement, an optional advanced electronic gyroscope is available.


The intelligence behind the STwrench is stored in its controller module, which regulates the smartHead transducers and accessories, such as barcode scanner and wireless communications. The controller module features: an easy-to-use five-button navigation menu; easy-to-read industrial display with a 180-degree viewing angle; LED ring signal; shock indicator; and IrDA and USB ports for greater network communications flexibility.

Rapid backup unit

This patented rapid backup unit (RBU) provides fast access to up-to-date programming software and easily stores individually programmed data. Operators can replace a controller on the line in just 60 seconds. The RBU easily handles production strategies, including torque time, torque angle and torque yield, as well as joint analysis duties including residual check strategies, such as peak torque, torque time breakaway, torque angle breakaway, yield point finder and joint behavior trace.