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The New LTP 61 from Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems

The well-proven LTP concept is a cost-effective way to meet assembly challenges.
  • High accuracy for QUALITY
  • Fast rundown for PRODUCTIVITY
  • Improved ERGONOMICS with low sound and vibration
  • PLUS - Multi-Torque settings for high FLEXIBILITY

Pneumatic nutrunner LTP 61 MT

Pneumatic Nutrunner LTP 61 MT

Increase accuracy with auto shut-off
With automatic shut-off, you get a high level of tightening precision, even in soft joints.  A clear shut-off signal is given when tightening is completed. 
Boost Productivity
Unique twin-motor drive: one for high speed rundown, the other for high precision tightening.

Single-handed operation
Because the LTP 61 is light, compact and well-balanced, it can be used with just one hand.

User-friendly reversing function option
The LTP 61 runs in revers and stays in reverse until you change the setting. Hold the tool with just one hand - even in reverse. 
Multi-torque for multi-tasking option
With an easy-to-mount selector, four different torques can be set which allows the same tool to be used for several applications. 
Optimized reaction bars option
A blank reaction bar has to be bend, cut or welded. The S-Bar is optimized for use in 70% of all applications straignt out of the box.  A variety of other bars are standard.

A variety of tool models from 40 - 2800 ft lbs (55 - 3800 Nm)

LTP61 H Series
Non reversible shutoff nutrunner
Change over torque: 4% of maximum torque

LTP61 HR Series
Reversible shutoff nutrunner

Prevailing torque model
Change over torque: 8% of maximum torque

Multi torque selector with up to four torque settings