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Highest Productivity with lowest life-cycle cost with our electric assembly tools

Atlas Copco supplies a comprehensive range of high productivity assembly tools with intelligent controllers and a strong focus on ergonomics. Our product lines were developed to meet all your tightening needs and give you a low life-cycle cost. Products range from low torque MicroTorque electric screwdrivers from 0.5 Ncm, to high torque Tensor ST electric screwdrivers and electric nutrunners, offering up to 4,000 Nm.
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Electric Tool Controllers

Power Focus 4000 Graph

Power Focus Tool Controller

Power Focus Controller
The Power Focus is the market-leading controller for handheld electric nutrunners and screwdrivers and has the capability to run fixtured tools. Power Focus is a modular range of controllers with full fexibility and connectivity to fit your production infrastructure. The Power Focus 4000 controls tools in the Tensor S, ST, STB, DS, SL and ETX family. The Power Focus 4002 controls Tensor SL tools. 

DS/DL Controller
The DS/DL electric tool controller system offers a quick and easy route to improved process monitoring in your assembly operations utilizing electric screwdrivers and electric nutrunners. With a range of alternative drives, you can choose the functionality best suited for your operations. The DS drive runs Tensor DS tools and exists as Box, Basic or Advanced version. The DL drive runs Tensor DL tools and is available as Basic or Advanced models.

Low Torque Screwdrivers

Micro Torque workstation

MicroTorque Electric Screwdriver Complete Fastening System

EBL Screwdriver
Low voltage, brushless electric screwdriver for demanding applications, with shut-off clutch for high fastening precision, time after time.

MicroTorque Ultra low torque screwdriver
Ultra low torque intelligent electric screwdrivers that ensure joint integrity in high volume consumer applications and high value critical products.

Electric Nutrunners and Electric Screwdrivers


Tensor STR - Latest Generation in the Tensor Electric Nutrunner Lineup

Tensor Tools
The Tensor tool range covers all assembly requirements for safety-critical and quality-critical applications.

Tensor SL electric screwdriver: Low torque tools for small screw applications for use in the assembly of safety-critical applications. It offers compact screwdriver ergonomics with traceability and error-proofing capability.

Tensor S electric nutrunner: Is the well proven range for safety-critical applications where traceability and error-proofing capability are required.

Tensor ST electric nutrunner: The second generation of Tensor tools was developed with the focus on reducing tool weight and increasing productivity. Tensor ST has an internal bus connection for intelligent accessories such as a barcode reader and P-selector switch.

Tensor STR electric nutrunner: The latest generation of Tensor tools where ergonomics and productivity are taken to a new level.

Tensor DS electric nutrunner: Quality critical applications where demands on accuracy and ergonomics are high.

Tensor DL electric screwdriver: Quality critical applications with high demands on quality assurance with low torque requirements.

Tensor STB battery nutrunner: The cordless version of Tensor ST for safety-critical applications.