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Save Money While Maximizing Compressed Air Productivity


Learn 10 quick ways to save energy and download our Compressed Air Manual for more in-depth information about compressed air systems.

PTS916 application




Did you know?  
If your existing compressor is running at less than 65% of capacity, a smaller one could pay for itself in 18-24 months on average. If your compressor is more than 10 years old, cost savings with today's compressor technology could result in a pay back of 18-24 month on average. A compressor that is both smaller and uses today's technology could pay for itself even faster. 
The most expensive component in the total cost of compressed air is energy. In fact, over the lifespan of a compressor, energy typically costs several times more than the purchase price of the compressor. Maximizing energy efficiency saves you money.

Please note the below is just a summary of the points to consider when looking at your compressed air system. 

  1. Turn It Off.  Set your machines to switch off nights and weekends.
  2. Fix Existing Leaks.  Start with the oldest and biggest pipes.
  3. Prevent New Leaks.  Dry and clean your compressed air.
  4. Reduce Pressure.  Run at required pressures, not beyond.
  5. Check Drains.  Are your condensate drains stuck open?
  6. Review Piping Infrastructure.  Many systems aren't optimized.
  7. Change Filters Systematically.  Not every once in a while
  8. Recover Heat.  Compressing air generates heat – reuse it!
  9. Emphasize Proper Maintenance.  Ignoring maintenance costs more.
  10. Stop inappropriate use of compressed air Cut these to save even more.

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