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Legendary toughness

HardHat® canopy for longer lifetime and higher residual value.

Compressed air for the most demanding job sites

The XATS 400 JD with tier 4 final

The XATS 400 JD with tier 4 final

The HardHatTM features a revolutionary polyethylene canopy design - the toughest in the industry. It will not rust, dent, corrode or fade, and it resists extreme temperatures. The canopy protects the compressor from damage at the work site, which helps reduce the cost of ownership and boost resale value. Because it will “take a beating” in a variety of applications, its a ideal for the rental industry.

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  • XA(t)S 400 JD T4F PE leaflet (USA) 1.4 MB, PDF

Can you pass the vibration challenge?

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When it comes to mechanical equipment vibration can never be a good thing. From operator discomfort to reducing the lifetime of your equipment. With the 8 Series never worry about excess vibration again. Take the challenge.

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