H-Series centrifugal compressors for air and nitrogen

Backed by more than 100 years of Atlas Copco experience in air compression, our H-Series compressors bring you outstanding efficiency in a cost-effective package. The H-Series delivers oil-free compressed air or nitrogen for industrial applications such as air separation, chemicals, petrochemicals and process air

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Customizable to process specifications

Available as a standard package or customized to meet your process-specific requirements, you may choose from options such as air separation combined-service applications or API-specific engineering

Engineered for performance

Built to enhance your productivity under the most rugged conditions, critical components such as impellers, casings, guide vanes, shaft seals, gears and bearings are manufactured from field-tested, proven designs

Thousands of references around the world

With more than a thousand installations within fifteen years of market introduction, the H-Series is a productivity success story across many industries

Simplified maintenance

H-Series’ simplified maintenance increases uptime and reduces costs. The removable gearbox top allows for inspection of gears, bearings and seals without disconnecting system piping

Adjustable inlet guide vanes (IGV)

Aerodynamic performance improvements such as our adjustable inlet guide vanes (IGV) enable the H-Series compressors to lower your energy cost by up to 9% under reduced load, compared to a conventional throttle valve system

Technical description H-Series centrifugal compressor

Our H-Series centrifugal compressors are designed for reliability, compactness and high efficiency ¬– precisely those characteristics that make a big difference in nitrogen and air compression applications. When you choose the H-Series, you can rest assured that your single or multi-stage centrifugal compressor is built for even the most demanding processes.

Our H-Series compressors are employed around the world across a wide range of industries and applications:

  • air separation
  • process air
  • petrochemicals

Boosting productivity

Handling flow volumes up to 49 500 m3/h in multi-stage configurations and 85 000 m3/h for single-stage models, H-Series compressors feature Atlas Copco technologies that boost your productivity, including adjustable inlet guide vanes (IGV) and integral gear technology, the industry’s most efficient and compact drive design.

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Technical product specifications

Performance data

Maximum suction pressure

1.4 bar(a)

Maximum discharge pressure

35 bar(a)

Suction temperature

-40 °C - 50 °C

Effective inlet flow range

3,500 m³/h - 49,500 m³/h

Stages (min./max)

1 - 6

Seal Types

labyrinth, carbon ring

Power requirement HP

10,000 HP